AAA Certified Solar is a family owned local
Las Vegas Solar Installation Company.

We’ve been doing Solar Power systems in Las Vegas for years and know exactly what the homes here require. We use only the BEST Solar Panels in the industry and we take extra steps that the out of town companies don’t ; to assure that your system is working efficiently 365 days per year. For example we inspect and repair broken or loose vents in your attic at NO CHARGE. We review your attic insulation and if it is non existent or below the R level needed for your home to heat and cool efficiently, then we bring it up to standard . again at NO CHARGE to you.

How a Solar Energy
System Works?

Las Vegas’ #1
Innovative Solar Company

1: The solar panels convert sunlight to direct current (DC) electricity

2: The inverter converts DC into alternating current (AC) electricity
3: That power is then used by the loads or fed back into the grid. Power fed back to the grid is tracked and you receive credits
4: Keep track of your solar production and an eye on your investment via email or app

We are proud to be a local company that stays on top of cutting edge solar innovations. Going Green in every aspect of our business as well as utilizing the BEST materials and products for our customers.

We are proud to an Authorized Dealer for  Solaria and Fronias, Panels – Inverters and storage systems recognized throughout the world as The Very Best.
Solaria’s quest to build and sell the finest and most innovative high-efficiency silicon solar panels on the market. Solaria’s breakthrough technology, protected by an extensive IP portfolio for materials, processes, applications, products, manufacturing automation, and equipment, unlocks the potential of solar, maximizing energy production while looking great.

Not Only the most efficient but The most aesthetically pleasing
Solar Panel Available.

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Solar is the Best way to Go Green

We have been helping people in Las Vegas for over 8 years getting themselves situated into the “Portal”.
Once there, the Benefits are Immense.

Take your 1st step today and give us a call or fill out the form on our

The NV Energy and Federal Benefits will Not Last Forever


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We Get 5 Star Ratings Every Time – Because We Work For You!

AAA Certified Solar went above and beyond!

June 22, 2018 – 5 STARS AAA Certified went above and beyond. The entire process was seamless, and they handled everything for me in a professional and timely manner. They use upgraded products and their pricing is very fair. Honest, Knowledgeable, & Reliable. So happy I chose AAA Certified for my solar company & install. Now I can l look forward to getting my power bill, when it is less than $20 a month. Patricia Lubera – Las Vegas

Solar Panels in Boulder City

04/11/2018 .   5 STARS
  John Richardson with AAA Certified Solar has been amazing! Outstanding and exemplary professionalism. Great low cost, high quality service. The installation went perfectly and every follow up contact we’ve had with John has been a breeze. He’s been so helpful. We’ll definitely recommend them to friends and neighbors. Valarie Vanario – Boulder City

Highly Recommended. Best Customer Service!

10/30/2017    5 STARS
  I just wanted to say that I had excellent customer service from them. I had a few other companies come to my house to give me bids but all I got from them are sales speeches! While this company, they explained everything to me, I had tons of questions but they are very patient! The best solar panel installation company so far that I have found here in Las Vegas. Colin F.  –  Las Vegas

Very Organized and Honest.

01/09/2018    5 STARS
I would recommend this company to anyone. The were priced right and the costumer service was more than I expected. Since My neighbors had such a bad experience they went above and beyond with my install. Great people Angel  –  Las Vegas

Brown Eagle Las Vegas

04/25/2018    5 STARS
I wound like to thank you AAA Certified Solar for their professionalism and expertise. During my solar experience process from beginning to end.You kept me well informed every step of the way from installation, inspection to system turn on. They where prompt, in showing up on time and came ready to work. They have amazing and hard working installation crew that put up 35 solar panels all in a day. Great job guys, a job well done. I would recommend AAA Certified Solar to all my friends and neighbors.Because this is a exceptional company, you can truly put your trust in and has great integrity. Thank you Johnny and James for the magnificent job!!!
SincerelyRead more “Brown Eagle Las Vegas”

Superb Job

05/03/2018 .  5 STARS I would truly like to say that the service provided from AAA Certified Solar, was spectacular easy and awesome to work with. Sincerely, Rev. Rankin . –  

There knowledge service and professionalism ROCKS!!

 05/16/2018    5  STARS
My entire install from the planning stages to completion could not have gone any better and far exceeded my expectations John Richardson has extensive knowledge and expertise and the team was very professional and prompt. Every step of the way and all of the questions that I had I they were all very professional and informative I have learned a lot and value their honesty and integrity you rock fellas. Thank you Mzs.Parky – North Las Vegas